Zipper Issues?

Zipper Issues?
The number one failure of a fire suit is always the zipper.
  Not everyone’s zipper will fail or have an issue, but if it does, here are the most likely reasons why.  Should you choose to tie your suit around your waist when not racing, make certain that you unzip it all the way to the bottom.  The zipper is rated to take 125 lbs of force, as it turns out, leaning over a fender, squatting to put a tire on etc., exerts just enough pressure beyond the 125 and you can rip a tooth right out of the zipper line.  The next most common zipper disaster occurs in the washing machine. While we highly recommend hand washing, if the suit needs to go for a swim in your washer, make absolutely sure that it is zipped all the way up and all the Velcro is closed.  We also see a fair amount of bent teeth. This happens when we get our undergarments, T-shirt, or even small rocks and debris stuck in the teeth on the way up (or down if it's a 2-way zipper.)

(Image shows missing zipper teeth)
How can you prevent a zipper failure?  First, keep it clean! Blow it out with high pressure air weekly before and after use.  Always unzip fully while tied around your waist and make sure your undergarments are not loose, baggy, or hanging in the way.  Make sure it's all zipped up tight before tossing it into the washer.  Oddly enough, there is a product called zipper wax, that can aid in zipper smoothness and longevity. 
If you take care of your suit, it will take care of you!

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