How To Measure For a Suit

How To Measure For a Suit

Custom fitting a suit is work of art.  Our tailors and pattern makers have built thousands of perfectly fitting suits over the years.  How do they do it?  They can only do it with accurate measurements.   Each year we review our measuring process, video, forms, and steps to ensure the process is simple and easy to follow.   Our measurement form requires 26 measurements and all of them are critical.  We need actual body measurements to correctly make the driving suit fit perfectly.   We add allowances to every measurement, so the suit is relaxed and comfortable.   Please do not add any additional or take anything away.  his will completely change the fit of your suit and it will be made too big or too small.   If you have a preferred fit, please address that when submitting measurements.  Our standard default fit is a relaxed and comfortable fit, but not baggy.  

We encourage you to watch the video 3-4 times before beginning the measuring process at home. You can stop and start the video as many times as you wish. You will need print a form from our website under the measurements tab.  You will also need a soft cloth style tailors tape measure.  These can be purchased at Walmart or most any fabric or craft store for under $5.  We are also delighted to do a live video measure with you.  We still require you to watch the video several times and complete the form but are delighted to answer any questions or help validate your measurements

We attend 40+ events each year all over the USA. We also have a showroom in NC and one in Upstate NY.  We would love to measure you ourselves, whenever possible.   Check our website to see our event schedule and where will be next at

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