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Measuring for Velocita Stock & Custom Apparel

How to Measure for the Perfect Fit

Measurements for Your Custom Racing Suit & More

Following the instructions below will help ensure that your Velocita apparel items will fit and feel perfect.

Click here for Stock (non-custom) Item Size Charts

Measuring for Custom Apparel


Tailors are accustomed to measuring customers for suits and tuxedos, not for fire suits and racing apparel. Anyone can accurately measure you if they will watch the video below. We also include measurement sheets for use in the process.

Please watch the video, download the measurement sheet and read the following helpful tips to ensure accurate measurements.


• Please watch the video and download this measuring sheet, it will make life so much easier!

• Please measure exactly as this form and video instructs.  Even if you want your suit to fit loose, tight, or anything special. 

• Do not assume all makers cut suits the same way, if your last custom suit didn’t fit, measure using this guide and video anyway! 

• Don’t cheat, measure each step, your life could depend on it!

• You can use a soft cloth tape measure or stagger tape.  It will be better if you are wearing snug-fitting pants, leggings, Nomex underwear etc. for bottoms, a t-shirt is the best for top.

• Around means all the way around, just like you would measure a tire for stagger using a tape measure.

• Stand up very straight, shoulders up, chin up. Don’t look or bend down.

• Do not add any extra measurements except where told to in the video. If you need growing room for your child, please let us know.

• Please give us your accurate height & weight, do not guess. We use these numbers in our pattern maker program to determine if your measurements are correct.


***If you provide measurements and your suit does not fit, YOU are subject to any alterations fees.***

Size Charts and Measurements

Sizing charts are available for download as a PDF. Click on chart below to download.

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