Repairs, Alterations and all the “Not So Fun Stuff”

So you just got your new suit and are blowing a gasket to try this thing on. You slip down to your batman underoos and discover the crotch seam is touching your belly button. Oh my, what will you do now? First take a deep breath, even though we make 600 of these high quality units each year, yes, on occasion we mess one up. If we measured you at a show, shop or track all your alterations are covered, no questions asked. Here comes the brutally honest part that doesn’t smell as pleasant. If you were measured by anyone other than a trained Velocita rep, the alterations are yours to pay for. Breathe again! The worst alteration bill we’ve seen was $200. This was a suit for a guy 6’7” 315 lbs, what his tuxedo shop provided him wouldn’t have fit Papa Smurf! I guess those wedding suits have to fit snug!  So what if your embroidery is wrong? Well, we will send you a proof before making, if the embroidery doesn’t match we have you covered there too.  What if the first time you wear it, the cushion is the fast place to be and your crotch blows out because you had to “man up”. That too my steering wheel holding friend is also covered. If you have to join the ½ dozen cockpit jockeys that need to send your suit back for repairs, changes or alterations, we will do our best to return them asap!!

Alterations will require a few decent quality photos and a description of what you’d like adjusted. As much fun as guessing games are “too small” , “too big” or “could use a little more room” are really hard to figure out.

Repairs are a tad different. If it’s a simple unthreading issue that’s pretty easy and self-explanatory. If you ripped your right arm gusset while being tackled by the 900 lb track favorite you just stuffed in the fence, that’s gonna cost you! And I’m only talking about the suit repair.  Repairs are generally inexpensive, even if it’s your fault. As strange as it sounds, we’ll even fix the other brands of suits. There is a 30% “hey, you didn’t get it from us” fee, but we will do it.


So what do you need to do? Here’s a quick run down of what we need:

  • The suit doesn’t fit
    • Photos of you in the suit, front, back, & sides preferred
    • Print off the alterations form (CLICK HERE) to include in your box.
      • Put a + or – and how many inches of adjustment needed in the blank that matches the area you need adjustments.  If you must have someone outside your home measure you DO NOT GO TO A TUXEDO SHOP!  Find a local alterations shop that can do it for you and take them the form!
    • Email the photos and a description to so we know it’s coming
    • Pack up the suit & alterations form in the box and send it back to us.