Order My Leather Jacket

Please email all information to art@velocita-usa.com. All emails should reference the drivers name in the subject line of the email.

  • Choose your design
  • Choose your colors – After you choose your design we need to know if you want the same colors as the picture or if you want to change the design colors. Ex: Change red to orange, change blue to light grey
  • Send us your logos
    • Logos should be in a high resolution format such as PDF, EPS or JPEG.  Please ask your Decal/Wrap guy for the logos. Please put the driver’s name in the subject line of all emails.
  • Tell us where each logo goes
    • Please reference the logo placement form – CLICK HERE
  • Send us your measurements
    • Please watch our online video for measuring for your suit. Measure carefully following the video instructions. Print out the measurement form, complete and email to art@velocita-usa.com – CLICK HERE FOR FORM AND VIDEO.  We highly recommend you DO NOT go to a tuxedo shop to get measured, measuring for a fire suit and tux are very different.  Find a local alterations shop if you are not near one of our authorized dealers.
  • Make your deposit – 50% of the cost of the product
    • Make a payment HERE

Send all of the information requested to art@velocita-usa.com 

  • Product choice, design, colors, Logos, Logo placement, Measurements, Copy of receipt from online payment.

Production Times

Production times vary through out the year please keep this in mind when placing your order.  Production time starts from the day you approve your design, if we have everything we need to send to production.

  • Nov – January : 6 Weeks
  • Feb – May: 8 weeks
  • Jan – July: 6 weeks
  • Aug – Oct: 4 weeks

What’s Next?

Once we have your design, colors, logos and logo placement we will send it off to an artist for a digital proof. Proofs normally take 1 – 3 days to create.  It will be emailed to you.  You are responsible for looking over the proof, checking spelling, checking logos and location of logos. If changes need to be made please respond to the email of the most current proof. The proof will be revised and sent back to you to review.  You get 3 free proof revisions, after that is is $25 per revision. If everything is in it’s place, spelled correctly and looks perfect then simply reply back to the email “APPROVED”  YOU MUST APPROVE THE PROOF!! No approval in writing, no jacket!