How do I order a fire suit?
Check out the Getting Started tab on the Velocita website. Work your way down the list – selecting a suit, getting measurements, and deciding on logo placement. Check out our gallery for ideas of suit designs. We will also need a form of payment to start the process with a deposit.

Can I design my own suit?
Sure! Our $999 Custom and $1299 Pro Suits include unlimited design and embroidery. You can draw it out or combine design features from other suits. Look in our gallery and on our FaceBook page to see suits we have already created. You can pick colors, stripes, stars, flames, tribal designs, etc. If you can draw it or describe it we can make it happen.

Can my suit be any color?
The body of the Pro Suit come in black, white, red, blue, silver. Embroidery (thread) can run the spectrum.

The Custom suit comes in red, white, black, blue, orange, hot pink, yellow, purple, lime green, light gray and dark gray.

How do I know how to measure for a suit?
Download the measurement form and watch the measurement video on our site. We suggest you watch it completely through one time. Watch it again and start measuring.

Do you want my measurements in whole or half inches?
Use one half inch increments. If you send quarter inch increments, we will round up. We will never round down.

Measuring for a fire suit is very different than measuring for a tux.

I want a two piece suit – is the measuring process the same?
You will measure for a one piece suit and add four more numbers to the list.

What other measurements do I need for a two piece suit?
1. Outseam of Pants – from waist to the floor

2. Jacket Front – from collar bone to the bottom of where you want
the jacket to fall.

3. Real Waist – around waist where pants will be worn.

How much is the deposit?
The deposit is one half of the cost of the suit and shipping.

When do I pay the deposit?
We collect the deposit when we have received your information and are ready to send it to our art department for a proof.

How do I pay my deposit?

You can pay on the website – click on the Make A Payment tab.  An email receipt will be sent to us verifying the payment.

You can send us an email with your phone number and we can give you a call if you prefer to speak to someone.

Now that my deposit is paid – Do I have a suit ordered?
NO, you do not. You have started the process to get a proof of the suit you want.

What is a proof?
A proof is the design of the suit you want with the colors you selected and the logos placed where you requested.

Can I make a change to the proof?
Certainly! We want you to love your Velocita fire suit. We can change colors, move logos, make them smaller, bigger, a little to the left, etc. Clear communication is key to getting the suit design just the way you want it.

How many changes can I make?
Look it over carefully. We include up to four revisions; after that there is a $25 charge.

OK – the proof is perfect – now what?
Reply to art@velocita-usa.com WITH the proof that you are approving, and indicate approval. You can say: Approved!, Make that suit!, Great, I can’t wait to get it!, Let’s get it started. If we have any doubt about your approval- we will ask to make sure.

Now that I have approved my proof – do I have a suit ordered?
YES. This is the time when you are now on order – congratulations!

How long until I get my suit?
You have made all of the decisions, now you want to have it and wear it. We understand but it takes a while to produce this one of a kind product. It takes six to eight weeks from the date of your approval. This is a critical point. You may have taken three weeks to get us all of the information we need to start a proof. We cannot order until you have approved the design so we start the six to eight week turn around time from the date of art approval.

Could it take longer?
Yes it could. Our busy season is from February 15th until the middle of May. We do our best to honor our six to eight weeks turn around but sometimes it takes longer.



How do you ship my suit?
We use UPS Ground shipping for our suits. It typically takes 3-4 days for your suit to arrive.

Can I get it faster?
Yes you can. You can pay the upcharge for next day or second day. Someone in our office can provide that cost for you.



How do I clean my suit?
We highly recommend you wash your suit at home with Velocita Suit Wash. If you do not have Velocita Suit Wash, Molecule will do the job.

Close all zippers and Velcro and turn it inside out. Wash the suit in cold water on the gentle cycle using color friendly liquid detergent.

How do I deal with 40 laps of dirt on my suit?
Treat stains, preferably with Velocita Stain Remover and let it sit for a for 10-15 minutes before washing.

Since stains need to be pre-treated for a time, and the suit needs to air dry, we recommend taking care of this task when you get home from the track instead of on Friday. Much less stress involved.

Is there anything I should not use to clean my suit?
DO NOT USE BLEACH or OXYCLEAN! Oxy will break the fibers down in your suit and make it look distressed and vintage rapidly. Regular household detergents (Tide, Gain, All, etc.) will leave a flammable residue.

What is the best way to dry my suit?
Hang your suit to air dry in a covered area

Can I put it in the dryer?
If you must, use no heat, just tumble on the air setting.

Fraying of embroidery and stitching simply comes from dryer or washing machine drum. Turn inside out for best results.

Can I dry clean my suit?
NO! Dry cleaning solvents are flammable and they also cause bleeding.

My suit is faded from wearing and washing – is it still safe?
Yes it is. It might not look as crisp as when it first arrived but it will keep you safe.

Why is my embroidery fraying?
Sliding in and out of the car can contribute to fraying. Check your car for any offending areas. Fraying of embroidery and stitching also comes from the dryer or washing machine drum. Turn inside out for best results.

The colors on my suit have bled and run. What happened?
Running will only occur with recycled dry cleaning solvent or any bleach residue in the drum of your washing machine.

If you dry cleaned, the dry cleaner ran the suit, then attempted to wash it in a commercial washing machine. Have seen many times. Our stain remover and suit wash will easily fix bleed issues.



I received my suit and there is a problem – What do I do?

First, take a deep breath.  We will work with you to make it right.

Contact us in writing at art@velocita-usa.com (driver’s first and last name in the subject line) and tell us what the problem is.  Pictures are also helpful.

Helpful hint:  Mistakes happen and kindness goes a long way.



My suit doesn’t fit right – what do I do?
Sit in your car, hands on the wheel. That is the position that needs to be the most comfortable. Make note of where the suit does not fit. Is it too short in the sleeves? Too tight when you sit? Snug in the belly?

You will need to return the suit to us with detailed information about adjustments that need to be made. Email us some photos and a description of what and how much you would like adjusted. As much fun as “too small” or “too big” are to write, they are really hard to figure out.

Do I have to pay for alterations?
If we measured you at a show, shop or track, all of your alterations are covered, no questions asked.

What if I measured myself?
If you were measured by anyone other than a trained Velocita rep, the alterations are yours to pay for. The worst bill we have ever received from the factory was $200. This was a suit for a guy 6’7”, 315 lbs. and the measurements his tuxedo shop provided wouldn’t have fit Papa Smurf!

What if my embroidery is wrong?
If the embroidery doesn’t match the proof you approved, we cover that charge. However, the computer creates magic and there are limits to embroidery. We do our very best to capture the image.

My suit needs repairing – what does that cost?
If it is a simple unthreading issue, that is pretty easy and self explanatory. If you ripped your right arm gusset out while being tackled by the 900 lb. track favorite you just stuffed in the fence, it’s gonna’ cost you! And I am only talking about the suit repair. Repairs are generally inexpensive, even if it’s your fault.

Will you fix another brand of suit?
Sure but there is a 30% “hey, you didn’t get it from us fee”, but we will do it.



Can I also get shirts for my crew?
Absolutely! We have quick dry shirts (sublimation process) that can have the same design as your suit or something a bit different if you want. The colors are bright and crisp and they look amazing.

What else can I order for my crew?
Pull over hoodies, zip hoodies, and winter jackets with hoods. Pizza might be nice.

What is the set up fee? 

The set up fee is the cost incurred to prepare the sublimation machine for a new order.  It is charged PER design order so make sure you order enough pieces.  It would be more costly to have a $50 set up fee on a 3 piece order than a 15 piece order.



Is everything done by email?
Well no, not everything but most things. We are a small staff with many details to keep up with. We prefer to work out suit details in an email so we have documentation of what you want.

If you need to talk to someone, send us an email and we will give you a call.

When is the “busy season”?
We are sunup to sundown from February 15th until the first of May. Orders are coming in, logos, proofs, emails, phone calls, texts, carrier pigeons and it gets a little crazy.

If we don’t answer emails right away, give us some time to get caught up.

Are you open all year?
Yes we are. We go to a dozen or so trade shows per year but someone is in the office. Summers are the “off season” for us and we have more relaxed hours. We are not in the office on Fridays. We also race, fish, surf and camp during the summer, so a little patience goes a long way.



Are our suits SFI certified?
Yes! We are currently certified for many levels, not only are our suits certified, but our gloves and shoes are also certified. In addition to SFI certification, many of our products are also FIA certified and are legal for use in International competition including Formula One. You may contact SFI directly to inquire, they are a foundation that is committed to keeping you safe and are always delighted to answer your questions.

Are Velocita suits safe?
Our suits exceed SFI specifications for each level of certification. However, auto racing by nature is not safe. Though we do our best to construct the finest garments possible, we cannot guarantee your safety. There are currently many manufactures of fire protective clothing, none of which offers any warranty as to the ability of their product to protect you from injury or death. We are very confident in our product and wear the same products in our race cars that we sell to you!

Are Velocita suits fire proof?
We can honestly say NO! No manufacture anywhere in the world makes a fire proof driving suit, NO ONE!! Every man material has a temperature where it will fail. Suits are designed to protect you from thermal penetration or heat, not the fire itself. If you have ever run your hand through the flame of a fire, it may become warm, but does no evident damage. However, if you move your hand a few inches above the flame and hold it still, it will only take seconds for damage to occur. With this in mind, we use box quilt construction to redirect the energy or heat from the fire to allow the driver time to exit the heat exposed or flaming area. Keep in mind, at some temperature, everything burns, including rocks! If not there would be no Hawaii.

The more layers the better?
There are companies that would indeed lead you down the path of more is better. We too agree more is better, more TPP or more ability to dissipate damaging heat energy, that is. Technical fabrics have seen great advancement in the last couple of decades, and we as an industry, have learned much from those who have experienced fire. We use many fabrics in single and double layer construction that protect much better than three or even more layers of certain materials. Three layers, in some cases, may be needed to reach a minimum certification that simply cannot be achieved by that manufactures choice of low cost materials. Therefore, you will hear the pitch “we only offer, have or produce” three layers because it’s better. Not a totally false statement, better for them, maybe not better for you. Also keep in mind, the more layers, the less likely the suit will breathe. It will also weigh more and could be less comfortable to wear.

Nomex is the best and only material for suits?
First of all, Nomex is a registered brand and trade mark of the DuPont Corp. Dupont has spent countless hours making an affordable, functional material that does work well in driving suits. Originally engineered for fire protective clothing in large industrial facilities for work clothes, it has become the most popular by far. However, there are many mills around the world that also make fire protective fibers, thread and cloth. Though you may not have realized it, chances are you have worn or owned a suit that was not made from Nomex. We too use Nomex in most of our construction, but also use other technical fabrics that offer the same or higher level of protection, comfort and durability.

Do we recommend fire protective underwear?
YES! We specifically recommend protective underwear manufactured using Kermel. Kermel is a blended fiber that not only has naturally high thermal penetration ratings, but it also wicks moisture from your skin as you sweat. The advantage to wicking is it keeps you much cooler by breathing and by keeping the moisture off of the skin, you are less likely to be steamed in your suit in the event of a high heat situation. Though it is an additional layer of protection if you wear the underwear, we do have an option. For a nominal up charge we will install kermel lining in your suit instead of the traditional Nomex liner, thus providing the thermal and wicking benefits without underwear.

Why does our suit cost roughly ½ of “The Big Guys”?
Velocita is a small company and will always be for the racer. We are not publicly traded or owned or answer to a board of directors. We make power buys of material and supplies, have few employees and are only interested and able to produce a certain number of suits each year. We are interested in Quality, never quantity! We have no FREE suit programs, free sponsorship deals or any desire to be the biggest company on the block. In fact, you’ve probably never heard of us. Strange as it seems, we’re excited that we are the best keep secret in driver’s safety. With all of the above in mind, we simply have less overhead. Our suits speak for themselves and the great team at SFI is here to back us up. Superior, fit, finish, quality and safety are our goals. We offer the best value in driving apparel anywhere in the world.